Words of “Mom-dom”

Summer Camp…It’s our M.O. (But…Shhh!… its also sneaky college prep)

Here’s a snapshot of our past few summers!

  • Sally Ride Engineering Camp for Girls– Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA (2009 and 2010)
  • Westminster Choir/ Musical Theatre Intensive — Rider University, Princeton, N.J. (2011)

    Sally Ride Engineering Camp - Stanford Univ.

    Sally Ride Engineering Camp – Stanford Univ.

  • Kamp Kizzy/ Keisha Knight Pulliams’ Camp for Girls– Spelman College, Atlanta (2012)
  • Nike Tennis Camp– University of North Texas, Denton, TX (2012)

We’ve been shipping our child off to summer camp since she was in 5th grade… science, music, tennis, self-empowerment– you name it, we’re racking ’em up!

Since Madison is an “only child,” her dad and I decided long ago we would make special efforts to broaden her exposure to new friends and new experiences.

Enjoying Stanford University

Enjoying Stanford University

I choose the camps based on a combination of things.  Mainly I go for locations where we can visit friends/ sight-see and explore while she’s at camp.  Then when she wraps up… we enjoy some family vacation fun too.

Musical Theatre Camp- Rider University

Musical Theatre Camp- Rider University

Each time we arrive at a summer camp– which is typically a week-long stay on a college campus– she’s pretty nervous.

Rider University- Stage Performance

Rider University- Stage Performance

Kamp Kizzy- Spelman College

Kamp Kizzy- Spelman College

But almost immediately she warms up, jumps right into the thick of it and usually ends up telling us not to call her, she’ll call us!  (what’s up with that??)   By the end of the experience she’s gained a great deal and blossomed in ways that make me a very proud mom.

Kamp Kizzy Fun!

Kamp Kizzy Fun!

Now as a result she feels as if she BELONGS on a college campus (that’s the part I love)… not to mention she’s stock-piling  a growing network of friends across the country… with whom she stays in touch!!

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