Have Mic Will Travel

    Fox 4 News Reporter Dionne Anglin Reaches Career Milestone

Fort Worth Native Surpasses 20 Years of Covering and Chasing Breaking News

DALLAS  –   Fox 4 news reporter Dionne Anglin is usually the one reporting on celebrations and milestones. However, today we are proud to announce that this Fort Worth-native has been covering and chasing breaking news stories for an astounding 22 years.

“I am thrilled about celebrating 20 years of working in a career that I absolutely love,” said Dionne Anglin, news reporter for KDFW-TV. “In fact I’m hopelessly hooked on this profession and can’t picture myself doing anything else.”

With a passion for journalism that is deeply rooted, this veteran news reporter has been fulfilling her dream of storytelling for a remarkable 20 years.  This spark first ignited while still a young girl growing up in the Stop Six community of Fort Worth, when Anglin and her two older sisters entertained themselves with countless hours of watching television.  By the time Anglin was in high school, she began to notice an articulate on- air personality who delivered the news with remarkable poise.  Back then and still today, multi-award winning news anchor, Clarice Tinsley, serves as motivation and a major inspiration for Anglin.

Transforming admiration into action, Anglin learned early on that success required planning and hard work.  After dabbling in some journalism and photography during her days at Fort Worth’s Trimble Tech High School, she went on to study Radio/Television/Film at the University of North Texas in Denton. It was there the brutal honesty of her professors equipped her with the initial confidence needed to persevere in an industry where quite often, there are many doors never opened.

“My professors always emphasized how difficult it would be to break into this industry and how slim our chances were to be an on–air personality,” said Anglin. “I realized I needed to have some pretty tough skin and determination to be successful.”

Success is definitely what she has achieved. After completing college internships with two Dallas TV stations, Anglin went on to become a professional journalist and report news on television stations in several markets including Tallahassee, New Orleans, Sacramento, San Francisco and San Antonio. She’s chased hurricanes and politicians and covered crime and corruption including the first anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing, Hurricane Andrew, New Orleans’ world famous Mardi Gras celebration and the historic recall election of California governor Gray Davis.  Although it has all been thrilling, Anglin’s most enjoyment and excitement throughout her 20 year career has come since returning home to the metroplex in 2005 to report news for FOX 4.

“Dallas/Fort Worth is where I feel most connected to the people and the community,” said Anglin. “I consider it a huge privilege to be back home where it all began.”

Speaking of home, Anglin keeps hers running smoothly with the support of her husband of 14 years, John Anglin, who is an award-winning television news photographer.  Together they raise 12-year-old daughter, Madison, who Anglin adores and says takes much after her father.  Anglin and her husband are also very appreciative of the continued support of their family and their church, Saintsville Cathedral in Fort Worth. When Anglin finds down time she can be found curled up reading a non-fiction or self-help book, writing a short story or in the kitchen trying out a new baking recipe.

After more than 20 years of pursuing her passion and living out her desires, Anglin offers these words of advice to aspiring journalists.

“Follow your heart, pursue your passion and do not let anyone or anything discourage you from obtaining your goals and dreams.”

Dionne Anglin can be seen reporting nightly on the early evening newscasts of KDFW-TV, Fox 4 News.

Written By:  Tiffaney Dale Hunter

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