“Crazy In Love!” Excuse Us While We Shop Italy!!

Y’know that big musical prelude…the blaring horn section rift that intros Beyonce’s hit song, “Crazy In Love?” Yeah, the one right before she goes, “Uh oh, uh oh, uh oh oh oh oh oh!!”   

Sun, fun & pre-shopping glow!

Yep! Well! THAT may as well have been playing as my BFF and I did the Beyonce high step through the whimsical place simply known as, “The Mall,” in Florence, Italy.

Let’s take a little of ‘Italy’ home!

If you’ve been following our hashtags… You might’ve picked up on the fact that this adventure in Italy is part of mine and Celia Walker’s milestone year birthday celebration!! 


Gucci suede boots?!!


The shoes just call her name!! lol!

Neither of us wanted a big party…NOR did we want to be totally low-key.

So HERE we are doing something that makes us REALLY happy!! 

Traveling…shopping..eating great food, taking in extra special experiences and just having a plain WONDERFUL time!!

So! (As you can tell) this particular blog post is ALL about our biggest shopping day in Florence… or Fierenze — as the locals refer to it!!


 The mission was SO serious– We did research the night before and set an alarm to get up early enough!! 

The first hourly tour bus to leave for the world famous Prada and Gucci outlet stores was pulling out at 8:50am… and we needed to be on it!!

The 40-minute ride through an Italian countryside was peaceful and pretty.

It was ALSO the calm before the (shopping) storm. 


Check out the line outside the Prada building!! They told us this is the case everyday it opens.

Despite that– We HAD to hit Prada first since it was so major in our overall anticipation! (and apparently everyone else’s!)

The security set-up alone with this place is amazing. 

They give you a numbered tag upon entering. When you find an item you want to purchase… A staff person scans the item, synching it with your numbered tag. You, then, leave the item on display, keep shopping and when finished… your selections are waiting for you at the almost “bank-like” checkout point.

Now! I could go on but I’ll just sum things up with a couple of fun deets:

~ I bought my very first Prada bag and Prada sunglasses. Yaay!!

Just have to note…it made me nearly hyperventilate… discovering the deeply discounted prices. (In Euros of course)


~ Celia (post Prada) decided on a few shoe selections after trying on… maybe.. 55 pairs at several shops. (Okay I’m exaggerating a little. Key phrase ‘a little.’) 


Some fabulous stores (and dressing rooms) we spent time in included Tom Ford, Valentino, Dior, Moschino, Alexander McQueen, Ermanno Schervino, Stella McCartney, Balenciaga and Burberry just to name a few!



Shopping break!!


 Eventually…I got a little restless and resorted to taking selfies in big mirrors…. But not Ce!! Guess who was still shopping?!! 



At the end of the day we waddled back to our hotel with packages in tow…




How are we supposed to pack all this?!!

But MORESO with humbled spirits and thankful hearts to our supportive families and loved ones who sacrificed, helped and cheered us on…to make this dream birthday trip, a fun reality.

Ce..Flowin in Florence!


Street Vendors Galore!!


Italian leather all around!



Hmmm… stay tuned!

 Ciao Bella!!

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