A Beautiful Soul…& A Bit of Home…In Rome

I LOVE this!  


But…how did my longtime girlfriend Celia Walker and I end up in an impromptu photo shoot on the streets of Rome!!?

I’ll get to that in a minute. But first…

We travelled around the world only to find someone who’s spirit is closely connected to our own.

A mutual friend (shout out to Kevin Walker!!) put us in touch with Tamara McPherson Pizzoli – a self proclaimed “black girl living in Rome.” 


We plotted our meeting rendezvous using the FB app, Messenger! 

After we’d spent several hours together chatting and laughing, we discovered Tamara, Celia and I are all sisters of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc.! And not only that!  It turns out Celia and I share many mutual friends in Dallas with Tamara and her dear, late sister Nefeterius McPherson.


Currently, Tamara and her good friend, widely known British-Iranian photographer Sara Shamsavari, are working on a visual project called, “In Nero: Black Girls In Rome.”

Wow…talk about timing for our visit!!

Initially we caught up with Tamara and Sara at John Cabot University where, together, they were making a presentation about their project.

Much to our surprise, they introduced the ‘two visitors from Texas’ to the professor and the students. 


Celia even ended up participating In the Diversity class discussion when asked to share some history of Ebony Magazine, for which she is director of Marketing and Engagement.

Before our adventurous day ended- Sara felt an urge to photograph Celia and me on the streets of Rome for their project.


I don’t know if we’ll make the cut… but it certainly was an inspiring and heartfelt experience!  


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