“Bust-ing” A Move in Rome

At first, I was going to skip this part of the trip as a post because I thought it to be…. Well… a little too personal.

I mean, am I really going to blog about undergarments and having them custom made…really?!

No. Yeah.. Nah.. Well.. with a little encouragement from Celia- I decided, what the heck!?  


After all, we were SO enlightened after this experience… SO “bra” educated…and SO amazed at how WRONG we’ve been going about it (guessing at our size and buying off the rack) until it made us just plain giddy to see the difference “getting it right” actually makes!

So, a better question is, ‘Why NOT share?!’ 


We felt like Queens! 


(Without going into too much detail…) While in adjoining suites, we were pampered and doted on, measured, sized up, quizzed about our ‘bra’ likes/dislikes, our favorite fabrics and looks… gently pulled, tugged, cupped and jiggled. Lol!  Before you knew it– we were walking out of our new favorite shop in Rome feeling like brand new women!! 


In summation… Ce and I knew for weeks before we left home, one of the first things we we’d do in Rome would be to visit “Pati Jo’s Custom Bra Fitting and Lingerie!”  

 Well! We did it. It was amazing…AND maybe just quirky enough to give somebody a good laugh!

Oh and BTW- after checking out, the staff was so intrigued by the ‘hat wearing’ tourists from Texas… They asked to photograph us for their Facebook page!!  


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