COWBOYS HATER GUIDE– Which Description Will You Claim?!

1) Hater Hater.
You ALWAYS cheer for whichever team is playing the Dallas Cowboys…no matter what. Well, check this. Get real. You might want to get to the root of your deep grudge issues because– it’s not that serious. Maybe a 12-step program. Let me recommend: #AmericasTeamDenialPleaseHelpMe

2) Lackluster Hater.
If your best Cowboys hater line involves the term “Cowgirls,” well–say no more. Please turn to google for some help. I suggest the search- “new and clever insults that probably won’t matter to the NFL’s best fans.” Just sayin.. step up your game.

3) Over-confident Hater.
If your team is a club that has “1” Super Bowl win under its belt…. Just sit down. You don’t even have the right to claim “Cowboys Hater” status until you’ve earned at least 3 rings. Hello Seahawks, Saints😳.

4) Vendetta Hater.
You hate the DC because you can’t stand Tony Romo….or Jerry Jones… Or because “Hollywood” Henderson wouldn’t stop and autograph your shirt back in 1979. Guess what? Maybe….. just get over yourself. Or try ACTUALLY cheering for YOUR favorite team instead of throwing shade at ours. Isn’t that what being a fan is all about?? Either way…America’s Team will keep rolling in spite of you.

5) Low-Key Hater.
These folks- believe it or not… sometimes claim to be Dallas Cowboys fans! They’re all good until things are less than great. That’s when they start with their “run and shoot offense” and join the above mentioned haters. But wait- then they wanna huddle-up again when things get better. Just shady! We know who you are!

Game Notes:
I’m calling an audible here– True fans stick with their team through the good AND bad times. We don’t run and hide on bad days, hell…bad seasons. But we reserve the right to brag and boast when the “W’s” are coming. We realize– despite the billion dollar industry (you are likely NOT receiving a penny from)… despite the high-paid analysts… the know-it-all prediction makers and bottom tier haters… It’s simply a game. And each game can go either way on any given day.

Whichever team you support – focus on the reason you love that team– not the reason you hate another. It’s truly not a good look. Oh! Why… you ask? Because you’re gonna feel really silly when we collect that 6th ring🏈.

Dionne ~
*spikes ball*


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