Note To Self: SHUT UP Sometimes..For Mama’s Sake!!

imageGot a few choice words for you!

Let me explain. They’re all good!

In fact…they’re my passion…words. They flow through me. I speak them. I write them. Think about them. Connect with…and appreciate them.

I give and receive them… I have a “way” with them.

When we’re serious, we inform… words and me. When we’re “tongue-in-cheeky,” we might say any silly old thing!

But wait! These words ain’t loyal!!

Sometimes I can’t hold ’em back. And this brings me to a little problem.

My little words “fetish” is hindering somebody extremely important to me!

My mom is a stroke survivor and (so thankfully) the only lingering affect of her attack is something known as “aphasia.” It’s the occasional inability to recall or gather in your mind a particular word or phrase when you want it.

Initially when she was recovering… the doctors and speech therapists explained to my sisters and I that when my mom gets stuck trying to think of a particular word…. We should NOT help her, but rather, let her excercise her cognitive skills to find it.

Well… ME the word queen– Guilty! I can’t seem to do it?!

We can be talking about something and she’ll say- “You know what I mean… You know! The water in the ground back there..”

And I’ll quickly chime in… “SWIMMING POOL!” And she goes, “Yeah! That’s what I was trying to think of- swimming pool!”

Yep! I blow it.. every time.

So I’m asking myself… Do I finish her sentences because I don’t like to see her struggle?” I think that’s a lot of it.

Am I just too – uh, “wordy?”

Maybe it’s role reversal. Since she, at one time, helped me finish my sentences…the tables are now turned?

Whatever it is…I need to wrangle these words of mine so this little lady can continue progressing and conquer this aphasia.

Meantime…she keeps us in good spirits about it all. In fact she’s hilarious.

When she’s busy looking for a word… She just might put her hands on her hips and say, “Whatever! Y’all know what I’m trying to say!!”

And THOSE words usually crack us up!! Then we all realize the laughter is WAY more important than whatever it was she was trying to say!!

Word up mommy😊!

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