A Girl, Her Mom & A New Experience!

Braids for Camp!

Braids for Camp!ย 

Shopping to get ready. Fun!

Choosing a new low maintenance hairstyle. Adventurous!

Crack of dawn departure (including the connecting flight on a tiny aircraft). Quite memorable!

That’s a tiny glimpse of my daughter, Madison’s, road to “Interlochen Center for the Arts.”

Yesterday– she actually began this cute little hyperventilating thing when the GPS sounded the alert that our rental car was three miles away. Yep! No more reading the glossy website or listening to high praise from others.. It’s what they call Miller time!

The beautiful, tree-lined, winding road in northern Michigan was about to reveal this esteemed place… this famous community of aspiring artists… this decade’s old, rustic institution with the alumni list that reads like a who’s who among elitists in music, theatre, acting, dance and visual arts.

I’m proud of my baby girl young lady!

Smile for your ID photo :-)

Smile for your ID photo ๐Ÿ™‚

From the audition process.. to fundraising.. to being fearless about going to a camp where she doesn’t know a soul… She amazes me.

She told me her goals are to simply bond, learn, thrive and grow.

She’s now settled in a cabin with several other high school girls and they are all enrolled in the, “Singer- Songwriter” camp session.

The wonderful gentleman who golf-carted us (and Madison’s luggage) to her cabin told us his wife attended “Interlochen” 60 years ago โ€“ and they have been connected to the campus ever since! Wow!

I’m anxious to see how this goes! Would love and appreciate any prayers or positive thoughts you can spare!

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