Hold Up! So… I’m NOT Wonder Woman?!

It just clicked in my head- I’m not Wonder Woman!

Yikes! I don’t know how I missed that!! But I think God felt it high time He pointed it out.

How ’bout a little forced hiatus brought on by surgery to set “one” straight so “one” can re-focus?!  That’s my current  situation.

Okay…I constantly needed way more hours than existed in a week to get everything done on my “weekly” list. Er…uh.. Hello? That should’ve been clue número uno.

The twisted, working mom outlook– Yep! I had that too! I’ve never had a crystal clear view of what takes all of my time and even more crazy: I seldomly consider what things I can drop. In my mind: Everything I do is important and if I don’t do it, it probably won’t get done.

Taking Stock–
I love all of the hats I wear– wife, mom, daughter, sister, journalist, friend, teen girls mentor, church member, community volunteer, blogger, life of the party…… (Okay I threw the last one in hoping you wouldn’t notice.) Anyway… Long story short… As much as I might wanna… I can’t wear all the hats at once!!

New Perspective–
So..as I sit here on the mend, perched in the middle of pillows, pain meds and within arms reach of several computing devices, television remotes and a phone that allows me to “FaceTime” (with Brentney Parks and Leslie Sykes lol!) I realize it’s equally if not more gratifying… to go “old school” and simply sit quietly and think…study my bible… or absorb the borrowed book I’m currently reading– “Kingdom Woman: Embracing Your Purpose, Power and Possibilities.” (Thank you Kacinda Crump!)

I am also peeling back the layers of the busy, over-scheduled, encumbered woman I’ve become…to refuel, refocus and re-evaluate the inner me! I have my wonderful husband, John, to thank for helping me arrive at this particular juncture.

New Mantras–
Sometimes the word “No” is a complete sentence.

Excellence is not a destination; it is a continual process of transformation into who God wants us to be.

Be willing and open enough to accept the help of others. (Thank you Ce and Kelvin Walker!)

Know and Go–
On the morning of my surgery. I got a text message from one of my dearest friends in the world– Cynthia Seats, our daughters’ Godmother.

It read:

Sometimes God slows us down to make sure we are listening to Him. He has information about His plan for your life. Take advantage of your rest to heal physically and go deeper spiritually.

Love you and talk to you tomorrow.

Thank you Cyn! I’m taking your words to💗… Because Wonder Woman doesn’t live here any longer.


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