A Few of My Favorite F-Words


Let’s face it. We all want what makes us happy. We get up everyday, perhaps, thinking about it, how to achieve it…or ways to keep it once
we find it.

When I was a young girl I knew I wanted to become a wife, a mom and a career woman. What I didn’t realize…is that each of these roles– has a life of its own! All three are beautiful, yet challenging. I find when I nurture, respect and explore the purpose in each one I “fulfill” the much-needed balance to keep everything moving! It’s easy to say, “I’m taking care of me.” But– news flash! This means more than just spending a few hours at the spa.

Lately I’m asking myself, why I “love” or “need” certain things? How do these things make me better? If you’re like me, finding the answer will take you on a spiritual journey. So! here’s to understanding your personal “fulfillment!”


I’ll admit when I hear this word most of the time I think of the perils of slavery or the civil liberties that allow us to speak and move about as we please.
I also think about freedom as it relates to punishment. You know- commit a crime and your freedom is taken away- i.e. jail, prison.

But did you ever stop to think, “freedom” in its broadest sense is essential to creativity and well being. Check this..

Talent flourishes when the mind is “free” of apprehension.

Success finds it’s way when you “free” yourself from fear.

Healing comes about when you allow or “free” your faith.

I’m definitely taking “freedom” out of the box… Because it’s one of my new powerful “F” words.

This one… Needs no introduction or explanation! Family is what binds us, sustains us and keeps us nourished.

On the flip side… And a little less philosophical- family is always first. It’s often synonymous with laughter, good times, joy, sorrow, tears, milestones, disappointments, celebrations and struggles but MOST of all… “Family,” to me, connotes an unbreakable circle of love!

Thanks for reading this post my fabulous friends!! Hmmm…fabulous friends.

See! More great “F” words!!


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