Super Bowl XLVIII… The Girls are Ready!!!

DeeStephLet’s see… Once I lived next door to an NFL player in New Orleans (a wide receiver for the Saints… that was interesting).

I’ve been up close (maybe too close) and personal… trying to do a live report in middle of Oakland Raider fans– arguably the most UH…“passionate” in the league.

I’ve interviewed a select number of NFL players and one of the greatest to ever grace the announcer booth—the late Pat Summerall… (Boy was I nervous!)

Despite these things, however…I owe the lion’s share of gratitude for my football “hutzpah” to one of my all-time BFF’s Stephanie Snowden!!

I LOVE her to pieces because she is fabulously gorgeous, incredibly caring and SO dang balla-rific…it’s MAD crazy!

Steph can (and usually DOES) talk the best of them under the table when it comes to all things NFL. Yep! This gridiron girlie keeps in her beautified little head… player stats, draft pick history, teams’ play-offs records, Super Bowl trivia and much more.

Seriously. I’ve witnessed.

Didja know the Saints first ever play off win happened in 2000?? Or how about this one?? The Dolphins were the first ever NFL team to go undefeated in the regular season? Yeah- that was 1972.

So when it comes to Steph, what have I done? What I do best…watch, listen and learn.

Steph and I met in New Orleans at WVUE-TV. Me– the reporter. Steph—the sports intern. She would later become a sports producer for local TV… and then at network level with FOX Sports in Los Angeles.

With Steph…(though she’s quite knowledgeable about several sports) it’s ALWAYS football season! And I soak her up…meaning… I know things like… which teams would be better off than others with a 3-4 defense. Which receivers aren’t “scurrrd” to go across the middle…which kickers are best under pressure…and which QBs can handle biz against the blitz.

I could go on… but it seems… gotta go! Steph’s on the phone now.

Super Bowl XLVIII. We got talking to do 🙂


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