The Present. It’s a Priceless Gift.


I remember the Barbie Beauty Center! That large head and shoulders version of the famous doll and you could style her hair and apply make-up to her face. Oh honey! I remember the year my sister and I each got one…You would’ve thought we hit the lottery! And to us we had.. Albeit the kid, toy lottery. I mean the happy dance went on for 30 minutes!

Been thinking a lot about gifts lately. I’ve been blessed to receive many throughout my years…and blessed to give many. The last few days though have reminded me where the best ones ALWAYS are. They are never in a pretty box… They don’t come with a money-back guarantee nor do they give pause for you to consider whether to “re-gift” it.

The best gifts are the priceless moments we share with our family and friends.

As I peck away to create this post.. I’m stranded in Los Angeles due to the big ice storm at home in Dallas Fort Worth.. Hoping for a flight out today.

But it’s been fun. My longtime friend Leslie (Sykes Spann) went out of her way and threw a wonderful dinner party just because I was coming for a visit.

Also my dear, dear friend Stephanie (Snowden) rearranged her schedule to be there and to celebrate…well.. lemme see, what were we celebrating?? Well.. just friendship!! And all of our kids were there hanging with us too!

The next morning Leslie and I sat on the floor in our PJs while drinking coffee and going through lots of great gifts she’d purchased to give to people. We could not go a minute without Les saying, “Oh! This is SO you take that! And that too..”

Later we briefly met up with Jovana (Lara) and shared a few more laughs with her… Also ended up taking a “sans make-up” pic which I think is pretty cool. See it below. Jovana- I might add- made the trek to and from the party in between anchoring the 5 & 11pm newscasts. I felt pretty special 🙂

And back to my “comedienne..” Leslie. She will always strike a funny pose.. She will always say something hilarious or do something like Sunday night… When she insisted we stop decorating the Christmas tree.. put down the egg nog for a minute and bust out some dance moves to the Mary J. Blige song blaring from the iPad dock!

The kids.. The men who tore themselves away from football uh.. I mean.. became so intrigued and even their dog Baxter had to give in and join the dancing fun!!

See. I told you. Priceless.

Oh.. Before I end this post.. I should mention how Les went to work at 3a.m. and must’ve mentioned her poor friends stuck at her house due to the Dallas ice storm! As I watched their early newscast… The meteorologist (who is also funny) starts mentioning us! He goes, “Oh and Leslie’s stranded guests… If you’re watching..blah blah.”

Next thing you know they’re all chatting about us in the cross talk AND in the show bumps (bits of down time).. “Leslie’s house guests just may get back home today…” LOL

My Leslionamayisha!! Strikes again!! Yep. More priceless than the Barbie Beauty Center any day!

Merry Christmas everyone! Don’t forget to acknowledge and cherish YOUR priceless gifts this holiday season 🙂












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