I’m a Hater…I think

I mean I WAS a hater.

Wait, no.

What I’m trying to say is…I know what it must FEEL like to BE a hater.

Oh heck, anyway…now that I have your attention you may as well keep reading.

Question. Have you ever caught yourself feeling envious of someone? If you’re honest, you might recall a time or two when someone else’s good fortune caused you to wish you had more than you currently have.

I remember one of those moments—it was the night of one of my best friends’, “sweet 16” birthday party. We were having the best time dancing, laughing, being silly and, of course, trying to act older than sixteen.

That’s when it happened. Half way through the party the birthday girl’s mom interrupted with a special presentation. During the big moment she handed my friend… her daughter…or I should say, the luckiest girl on the planet that night… the keys to her very first car!

We all screamed and went crazy with excitement! My girlfriend was totally surprised. It was a cute, sporty, baby blue Camaro with leather seats and everything… I mean THAT was the best present anyone could ever get… hands down!

Then it hit me. I was jealous! I wished it were me. Why on earth couldn’t it be me? I mean…I was happy for my friend and all, but I also thought– ”Why do OTHER people always get the best presents?” I was having a personal pity party.

Don’t worry… I didn’t let my girlfriend or anyone else know I was jealous.

That is… not until years later when we were all grown up. I think I came clean and blurted it out perhaps over drinks, some good Mexican food and as we were trying to figure out how time has flown by so dang fast.

Yes… we had a good laugh and cracked up about it!

No harm, no foul, right? Well, yes and no.

I taught myself something.

I may have hid my feelings from everybody at the party that night, but it was still wrong to feel the way I did.

Here’s the point I’m trying to make.

It’s so easy to get caught up thinking about how much greener the grass is over there with someone else.

For instance– You leave your wonderful, cozy home, drive by that neighborhood with swankier, pricier homes and in the back of your mind, you wish you could trade.

Or maybe there was a time when your good friend landed that great position or got a big promotion… all while you’re struggling with an unreasonable supervisor on a job you consider a dead end?

Envy can creep in within a millisecond if you’re not careful.

So make it a practice to express genuine joy for the accomplishments of others. It is the best way to clear a path for blessings in your own life.

And always, always give thanks for the things you are blessed with today.

In a passage from my favorite book, “The Greatest Miracle in the World,” author, Og Mandino shares something he calls the “The God Memorandum.”

In part, it says, “I gave you this world and dominion over it and endowed you with powers unknown to any other creature in the universe even unto this day. You are my ultimate creation, my greatest miracle. One who can adjust to any climate, any hardship, any challenge. Be patient with your progress. Count your blessings with gratitude and proclaim your rarity with pride!”

Goose bumps I tell ya… every time I read it.

In essence remember this. When it comes to envy, DON’T be a hater.
Find the joy in all things—even the cute, blue Camaro with the leather seats.

I love you Cheryl McKnight!! And thanks bestie…for letting me share our story.

Besties for Life :)

2 thoughts on “I’m a Hater…I think

  1. Very well said, Dionne. It was very good reading and so easy to relate to. Many blessings to you and yours and please keep doing what you do!! You are an awesome you lady!!

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