22 Random Things About Me!!

1. I’m happiest when the people I love most are content.

2. Quirky hang-up: I won’t watch a movie that’s already in progress. (have to start at the beginning)

3. My favorite time of the week is Saturday mornings. If I’m not scheduled to be anywhere I’m completely giddy! I cook breakfast for my husband and daughter and we eat while talking and laughing about everything under the sun.

4. I was once a contestant on the ‘Price Is Right.’ (no lie! LOL!)

5. TV stations where I interviewed but didn’t get the job— KTVI/ St. Louis, WCPX/ Orlando, WAGA/ Atlanta. Also…BET. (Black Entertainment Television)

6. My husband proposed to me at a restaurant in New Orleans’ French Quarter. The waiter brought out dessert—a covered dish that was supposed to be bread pudding. Instead, I lifted it only to find my ring lying on top of rose petals. People around us applauded when I said yes.

7. Both my hips are double jointed.

8. When I eat pizza, I eat all of the toppings, but none of the bread.  Family used to look at me weird…now they’re just used to it.

9. My husband and I agreed NOT to learn the gender of our baby. When they said- “It’s a girl!” we were TRULY surprised.

10. Rollercoasters make me feel as if I’m going to die, therefore I hate them.

11. I am a habitual list-maker. (wow. this is a list. see.. told ya!)

12. My best results come when I’m under deadline pressure.

13. Accomplishment I cherish– Finding my long, lost cousin Shelley Earl…and tearfully reuniting with her.

14. I think horses are the most beautiful animals on this earth. When I see a big, healthy Quarter horse I always do a double take…because they just take my breath away.

15. I gained WAY too much weight when I was pregnant. (but boy was it wonderful)

16. Secret talent—I do a spot-on impression of the wicked witch in the Wizard of Oz. (Imagine me saying….“Haaaaaaaaaahaaaa ha ha ha ha!! I’ll get you myyyy preeetty!!)

17. Do my best shopping… ALONE. (I can’t find great stuff and bargains if I’m talking to somebody)

18. I’m the only one in the house who thinks brussel sprouts, liver and beets are delicious.

19. Love it when: My husband sees me struggling to write something or work on a project… and he just walks into the room and hands me a glass of wine.

20. Hate it when: Someone speaks to me in a condescending tone.. for no reason at all.

21. I won’t watch movies that depart too far from reality. My family has BEGGED me over and over to watch “Avatar.” I don’t have the slightest desire to see that.

22. Mantra I made up when my daughter was a toddler; we recited it together every morning until she was in 5th grade: “We are strong black women! With God’s help there’s nothing we can’t conquer!”



2 thoughts on “22 Random Things About Me!!

  1. Okay. So, I keep thinking that the post that I’m reading is the best ever. I say that everytime. This is fabulous. And, I see why I just love you to pieces. We have sooooooooooooo much in common! Keep it coming dearest.

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