Report on the Reporter… Another Day on the Grind!!

Where it Happens!One of the most commonly asked questions I get is… “What’s your typical work day like?”  So I decided to journal throughout a recent one (Wednesday, November 7th).  And… here it is!

7:40a   Round of kisses for ‘TeamAnglin’ as I head for the door

7:45a    In the car… Phone call to the assignments desk. I double check to make sure they want me in Dallas, not the Fort Worth bureau.  I tell assignments mgr. Chris Pilcic I’m still digging for something good.  We discuss the out-of-town arrest of a Dallas man who’s the head of our local Alzheimer’s Association.  We know its some sex-related charge but not much else.  Chris sends me numbers to the Albuquerque Police Dept. but its too early there.  I leave a message.

8:10a   Still driving…I make a couple of phone calls, check with some sources.  They are happy to chat…but nothing going on.

8:25a   John calls from home.  Checks to see how my drive is going. Reminds me of my upcoming dentist appointment. He knows I’ve had to reschedule it twice already.  Also reminds me… he’s playing golf with (my bestie’s) Nerissa Knight’s husband on Saturday.  (gotta call Ne…we must formulate a pay-back strategy)

8:45a   I arrive at the station… walk past the guest band playing music to close out ‘Good Day,’ our morning show.  Say ‘good morning’ to several folks while rushing to the newsroom.  The editorial meeting starts at 9a sharp.

8:55a   I remember something I found last night…a local community and crime blog mentioned a Colleyville police officer hit two pedestrians in her patrol car.  I find it and plan to pitch it.

9:10a  During the meeting… James Rose finishes his pitch… now it’s my turn.  I talk about the Albuquerque arrest. Tell the room of managers, reporters, and producers…I’m still waiting for a call back on that. Then I pitch the Colleyville cop story.  There’s interest!  So I leave meeting, go start making phone calls to Colleyville PD.  I’ve got the victims’ names… so I ask assignments (search guru) Pat Randolph to find the victims’ address for me.  He whips it out in no time!     Search Guru-- Pat Randolph

9:35a   Meeting ends…I find out they don’t want the Colleyville cop story after all.  They want me to follow up on a bus driver who drove into an apartment on the previous night.  Switch gears.

10:30a   My photographer, Phil Fleming, arrives to begin his shift.  I brief him on what we’re doing.

10:50a    We leave, (since phone calls to them didn’t result in much) we head over to the offices of Dallas County Schools because they operate the school buses.

11:20a – Noon   Navigate a maze of confusion between Dallas County Schools, DISD Police and Dallas Police Department.  Finally get it straight… which is actually conducting the investigation.

12:30p   Arrive at the apartment where the bus crashed.  I immediately identify the family.  They are outside with the American Red Cross vehicle getting help with necessities.  They are happy we’ve come.  They have three small children, a 3-year old boy Dmarion, a 2-year old girl Jamerica and 1-year old Destiny.  The bus narrowly missed all because they were on the sofa watching cartoons.  Their apartment and almost everything in it is ruined. There’s 3-inches of water on the floor because plumbing fixtures were run over by the bus.  It’s a mess.  After we interview the couple, the grandmother and playfully talk with their kids…Now I’m emotionally into this story.  They could’ve been killed.

1:30p   Call the newsroom party line—Tell the folks there what we got while driving back.  (Eat the apple and graham crackers I threw in my bag before leaving home)

2:00p   Back at the station… start to log video and write script.  

3:00p   I’m a little miffed I haven’t gotten the info I requested on the driver… her age, (I heard she was 87years old, but can’t go with that til its confirmed) Also asked how long she’s been driving, and her condition.  DC Schools said she suffered a heart attack, and they’d email other info to me…well, it hasn’t arrived.  I make a not-so-nice phone call.

3:10p   Chris informs me I will be live in the 5:30p newscast.  Asks me, where I’d like the truck.  I tell him.. the apartment complex.

4:10p   Script is approved… I run back to editing to track the audio and make sure my editor, Steve Yakub, is good with finding everything. (He succeeds again at making me laugh.. with something like, “slow down now Prime Time..”)

4:25p   I get a text from Madison.  School was good, she has lots of homework…will need me to proof read her report.  I call her.  It’s quicker.

4:40p   Phil picks me up in the station breezeway.  We head back to the apartment complex.  Applying make-up on the way.

5:05p   Try to call station promotions office to confirm the time for a Media Chili Cook-Off event  I will be a judge for on Saturday…I realize they’re probably gone for the day.

5:10p   We meet live truck operator Andy Campos at the apartment complex.  He’s set up and all good.  Just waiting on us.   

5:20p   In front of the camera.  Some young kids come up. They want to be on TV.. they ask me questions about what we’re doing.  Andy comes from the truck to run interference, invites them to come watch inside the truck.  It always works!  They go with him.

5:30p   I’m the lead!  No glitches. Exhale.

6:05p   Back at the station… I’m in my car with some smooth jazz to de-compress and head home.  Another workday is done.  What a blessing.

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