360 West Magazine September 2012

Follow this link to the article ——> 360 West Magazine September 2012

This is SO cool!

But first… HAVE to thank you all for continuing to read my blog!  I took this leap into bloggerville less than two months ago on my birthday… and a couple of days ago reportermom.com  surpassed 3000 visits!!    Here’s a big ‘ol fat thank you!!!  Muahhhhh!!!   I truly appreciate your support!

Oh.. now.. back to the article.  I’m so tickled about it!  And that’s a good thing ’cause I might go broke in the gleeful process of it all!

Since I’ve been blessed to live in… let me count… uh.. five different cities in my years, I have friends in each clamoring for me to mail them a copy of this month’s issue of 360 West (a regional magazine in the super-fab Fort Worth metro area).

Yes.. they know its online. Still, they say there’s nothing like holding a slick, glossy copy in their hot little hands!

I ain’t mad LOL!   Just gearing up for the line (and the bill) at the U.S. Post Office!

Thank you so much  for all the sweet, kind and encouraging texts, calls, tweets, emails and FB comments!

Also, a special thank you to the 360 West crew (Meda Kessler and Ralph Lauer) for keeping your creative cool in a closet!  And my girl Lisa Ross…thank you for ALL you do!

Have a blessed week y’all!!


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