Hosted A Little Party… in my BATHROOM!

I’m SERIOUS.  I had people over to my house and we spent a couple of hours laughing, talking, taking pictures and getting know one another…. in the peaceful sanctuary of my bathroom… and closet.

Sound weird?  Yeah, I know.

Okay!  Okay!   I’ll explain a bit further.

My guests were some wonderful folks from the magazine, “360 West.”   They came to my home for a photo shoot! The results of which will accompany an article about me.  I’m still trying to let that sink in!!  A magazine article about me?!  Wow!!

“360 West” is a slick-looking, super cool magazine that includes the best of everything in the communities (mainly) west of Highway 360 in the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex.  Since I grew up in Fort Worth… I kind of qualify as a subject!

Additionally, September is its big fashion issue.  The article will focus on me being a reporter for FOX 4 News and my “versatile” plus always “weather ready” wardrobe.

Here’s a tidbit… the magazine’s editor, Meda Kessler, found it interesting that I have a mini-obsession with coats and jackets.

Here are a few pics my husband snapped…while photographer, Ralph Lauer, was snapping pics of the closet and me.  Can’t wait for you to see the finished piece!


3 thoughts on “Hosted A Little Party… in my BATHROOM!

  1. Love this, Dionne…….will be looking for an update when article goes to press……….and by the way, I love the black jacket/coat featured in pics…….you’re awesome!!!!

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