My Most Embarrassing Reporter Moment… #%&$@*!

I laugh every time I think about this.

Disclaimer – I don’t know if it’s the MOST embarrassing moment but it certainly ranks way up there!

It was 1992 or 1993.  I was working in New Orleans at WVUE-TV.  A photographer and I were assigned to cover a Saints game.  It was a good rivalry game.  They were about to take on the Falcons.  We were going to do a fan piece.  You know… interview a few wild and excited fans and grab some video of the beginning of the game.  Then we were going to shag out to the live truck that was waiting outside the Superdome where we’d put it all together just in time for the early newscast.  Simple stuff.

Anyway, it was a few minutes before kick-off and we were down on the sidelines.  We had been so efficient and gotten several interviews already so we were on cruise control.  My photog was shooting some video and I was just taking it all in while trying to look cool – or so I thought.

Then it began.  A lot of fans in a pretty large section started chanting my name.  It was like, “DIONNE! DIONNE! DIONNE!”  I even looked around the stadium to make sure I was hearing it right.

I nudged my photog and asked, “Why are they saying that?”

He looks at me… then turns to the opposite end of the field and points.  And just as the egg started to slide down my face, I saw him.

The Atlanta Falcons’ newest weapon… cornerback… #21… my namesake… had just walked onto the field.  Okay, so they were ACTUALLY chanting, “DEION! DEION! DEION!”

Uh huh.. insert the sound effect here.  The one that goes “dohhhhhh!”  Or the one that sounds like my face breaking into a million pieces!

My photog and I (because he knew what I was thinking) looked at each other and cracked up for at least five minutes!

Ehhh!  Oh well!  Primetime made it up to me in later years when he donned silver, blue and a star.  

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