“Rudy Huxtable” You’ve Won My Heart… Again!

I remember racing home to watch it… even giving folks the evil eye if they happened to get too loud and I couldn’t hear every line of dialogue, every joke in every single scene.

“The Cosby Show” was iconic!

Don’t forget!  It was as funny and entertaining as it was symbolic.  Yes!  The happily married doctor and attorney raising their five adorable children flipped the script… and represented for the first time to the world, a positive, successful African American family on a major network.

Fast-forward 20 years…today that adorable, bubbly “Rudy Huxtable,” is still making me smile!

Keisha Knight Pulliam, the “let me kiss your cheeks” quick-witted baby of famous TV family is now stunningly beautiful at 33.  I’ve paid attention to her successful career, watching her in movies and on her current TV show, “House of Payne.”   But guess what?  Pulliam’s star shot up a few hundred notches with me… when I saw firsthand what she’s doing to empower young girls.

My tweenager and I are just back from Pulliam’s 4-day mentoring and leadership camp for girls 11-16.  She threw the action-packed, “girl-power” bash on the campus of her alma mater, Spelman College in Atlanta.

Madison, was one of dozens of campers selected to attend from all around the country.  We didn’t know anyone who was going… well, at first.  You know, determined and resourceful me!  We connected with a couple of the campers via email weeks before it was scheduled to begin.  By the time we got there, Madison was looking for her pen pals and all were anxious to finally meet face to face.

Soooo…. needless to say, Kamp Kizzy was a blast!

It was uplifting, meaningful, educational, inspiring and plain amazing to witness.   

The young ladies showed up at the beautiful, historic campus with merely their camp gear and curiosity in tow… but by the time they left they’d gained a good deal more knowledge and self-confidence, not to mention many new friends.

The first two days were “day camp” style.  The girls attended from 10am to 5pm.  The third day it was – bring your pillow, sleeping bag and shower shoes for one giant sleepover.

Keisha’s team of counselors and assistants kept things running smoothly… this included her mother who was on top of everything!  Mrs. Denise Pulliam made sure everything was seamless and  I quickly fell in love with her for so many reasons.   But I’m just realizing, perhaps, the main one.   I’m in awe of what had to be her strong determination to raise her daughter… a child star… in a way that kept her grounded and with a desire to give back.   Oh! Did I mention Mrs. Pulliam texted me after we made it back home to make sure we had a safe trip back?  Huh? I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.  Hats off to Kamp Kizzy!

Here are some random pics from Kamp Kizzy 2012.  Most of them we took ourselves.  A couple are official Kamp Kizzy snapshots.



3 thoughts on ““Rudy Huxtable” You’ve Won My Heart… Again!

  1. O my!!! Look how Madison has grown into such a beautiful young lady! I remember the day she was born & not just because we share that date but I remember how much bringing her into this world truly meant to you & John, it was a blessing from God. Now I marvel at the gifts you continue to bestow on Maddie, Kamp Kizzy wasn’t just a chance to meet other girl ladies from around the country but an investment in her foundation, her self esteem, & her future!! Bravo, you both make me feel so proud!!!!!

  2. i can’t say How much i have enjoy watching the cosby show went Keshia was young it was the best show of my life and i enjotyed of bit of it
    aloha Tia Versteeg of the big island of Hawaii

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