Always Drama For Mama!

Don’t get me wrong I’m not complaining– wouldn’t trade my life of comedy and errors, drama and sleep deprivation for anything, BUT…  Well, okay, hold on… I’m still trying to figure out the “but.”

Anyway… While I ponder that… let me tell you about a few hair-pulling things that rounded out my week.  Lets see.  Where to begin?

First- Checkers, our sweet (but manic) Vizsla puppy that seems to be growing non-stop, happily decided one of my favorite ballerina slippers would make him a great snack. Yep! And when I caught him red-handed, he just looked up at me like, “Seriously- I didn’t think you wanted that…”   Uh huh—if you’re guessing the steam that came from my ears was hot enough boil water… you would be right!

Now!  Not that the hubs or my tween paid much attention to the dreadful shoe massacre plight.  No! They’ve been locked in their own “drama for your mama,” episode for the past few days. Theirs is a difference of “artistic” opinion.  They’re debating (or disagreeing) with one another over what song Madison should begin working on next.  Her piano instructor gave her the task of picking any song she wants to work on– in addition to her on-going classical arrangements.  Madison, who will be singing and playing this new song, wants to perform something a typical 12-year old would.  Without naming the song, I’ll just say its uh… Disney-ish. Her dad is suggesting she choose a classic, old school; something well known to… let’s say people over 20.  Its been a battle, so I’ll keep you posted on this music war.

Oh!  Did I mention the other snafu that was almost a nightmare?  Somehow, while restoring my iphone to fix a small glitch my contacts were lost!!  Like hundreds and hundreds of contacts.  (a reporter’s lifeline)  Wait- I know what you’re thinking. Yes, they were backed up on my computer, but some technical, digital, in the “cloud,”  chaotic, ridiculous issue was preventing the synch.  I must thank my husband for everything he did to “zap ’em” back into the phone. Whew!

Other than this slapstick action, we’re straight!

Oh there is one other little thing.  I’m trying not to be overly concerned about it.  It’s just that…my mom has a new favorite pastime.  She and some of her retired friends have been hitting up the casinos during what they call, “social” excursions.  Really mom?  I keep telling her that’s not exactly what I had in mind when I said, “You should get out more, maybe find a hobby.”  Well I may as well be talking to the wind because she just keeps reminding me I’m Madison’s mama, not hers.

And guess what?  While typing… I figured out the, “but!”  Here it is——-There IS NO “but.” The craziness, the dilemmas, the chaos… Its ALL good! Its what makes my life unique and MINE.  Good, bad or indifferent, I wouldn’t trade it or my chewed up shoe for anything!  Period.

2 thoughts on “Always Drama For Mama!

  1. Count it all joy! Your daughter is talented and growing, your husband is intelligent and supportive, your momma is well and enjoying the retired life, you are writing and doing your thing………and your dog is CRAZY!!

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