Hey! C’mon in, Click a Spell!

Reporter MomWow! First… before I say anything- THANK YOU so much for stopping by my new blog!

For the longest I’ve wanted to create one.  So… even as I type—I’m doing a lil’ happy dance!!  I love writing.  I love expressing myself with words.  And, as of late, I love connecting with all of you!

Since this is my inaugural post… I want to break the ice by letting you know what to expect within this little forum of mine.  Its my sincere hope to share useful information through my own life experiences as a devoted mom, wife, daughter and full-time journalist.  I work five days a week as a reporter for KDFW-TV, the FOX television station in Dallas/Fort Worth.  Yep!  I’m a busy woman!  But that’s no excuse to ignore something I’m passionate about and feel compelled to do.  So get ready! My keyboard is revved up!!  And don’t forget to click the different pages on the header at the top of this page.

Also… since there’s enough hot air in Texas right about now… Don’t worry.  I got you! Worthwhile stuff here!  I’ll offer inspiration, the scoop on great finds and get this– a good bit of humor from time to time!  (Yes! I’m funny as heck– according to …uh… my horoscope! lol!)

 As well, I’ll throw in some of what I call—“Words of Mom-dom!”  (don’t steal that, I just made it up!)  Think of it as advice from a working mother on how to keep it all together while moving at warped speed!  And of course… I want to hear from you!  Please don’t be shy.  I’m inviting your feedback, comments, questions and suggestions for topics.

 Oh! And rest assured… I’ll never talk (or type) your ear off.   My entries will be bite-sized posts that won’t weigh you down or tie up that commodity we all have so little of… TIME!  My goal is that you’ll never visit this blog and say..  “Ain’t nobody got time fa that!!”

So let’s pop the cork on this thing and celebrate “Reporter Mom dot com!!”  Oh yeah…and…bookmark me. Like me. Favorite me. Share me…or whatever else it is you do on all your glorious devices. LOL!

 Chat soon!

11 thoughts on “Hey! C’mon in, Click a Spell!

  1. Awesome Dee!!! I love the site & look forward
    to what you have in store for us!!! Like Lady O says, follow your passions & it will lead you to great places!! 🙂

  2. Dionne, you are a girl after my own heart. Congrats and many blessings to you and yours. Love you and very proud of you, stay as you are!!!

  3. I look forward to reading this blog. You do such a great job each day on Fox 4 and I’m glad to call you soror! 🙂

  4. It seems life’s rewards are keeping you busy…keep up the awesome work CUZ!! On second thought…if you’re doing something you have a true passion for, it’s probably not work at all….:-)

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